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Оплата счетов и перевод денег как в банке | сервис Uplata.com.uament

About us

Uplata Europe is a corporate program created to optimize and simplify the process of remuneration for employees of the company, all around the world.

Our goal is to help people to manage their finances safely and simply, and to expand opportunities for them to the whole world.

How it works

The employee should just to register on the site and proceed the necessary procedures of the "Know Your Customer" program


Receive confirmation of your data from the Administration and start to use all the advantages of the Uplata Europe Project

In his personal account, Member of the Uplata Europe orders an international payment card in the required Currency. This card will be used as basic for wages payments.

Advantages of the international payment card Uplata Europe

Accepted all around the world

Optimal fees for cash withdrawal in ATM

Support 24/7

High Level standards of the payment security

Money is placed in a European bank


Europe was implemented due to support and assistance of:

WaveCrest offers digital payment solutions to corporations and governments globally.

Smartex Media is the company that brought together specialists with an extensive work experience in the Latvian financial market. In 2005 our specialists were involved in the adaptation of the Latvian legislation by the European Directive, now determining the work order of new financial companies.

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